My Great Experiences With QubeGB

When looking for internet companies I was really torn on who to go with. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past and it made me really not want to get with a bad net company again. I decided to do research online and that’s when I came across QubeGB reviews. When I read the reviews I got really excited and decided to give them a try.

The first thing I noticed when I was setting up service with¬†was the level of customer care that they provide. I wasn’t left on hold for ages wondering if it was worth it for me to sign up. After I had signed up I realized I had forgotten to ask a question. When I called them back my question was answered promptly.

I really liked this because it showed that they weren’t going to treat my differently once they got my money. This is one of my worries since it seems it is always easier to get service with a company than to get help or change your service. I think that good customer service is what really sold me this internet company.

When they came out to install my internet they were nothing but kind and courteous. The installer told me everything that was happening instead of just shoving a modem at me and having me figure it out. They also arrived right on time so I wasn’t waiting all day for them to show. The installer even cleaned up after themselves.

So far I’m finding that QubeGb is a great company for me. From their customer service to their actual service I haven’t been able to find any glaring flaws. I really enjoy the service that I get and I think they have gotten a customer for life. I’m really glad I trusted the reviews I saw when I was looking for new internet service.